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This article is not to promote my work or bring views to my images as I'm just a beginner in photography and have just a small portfolio. What I do know is a thing or two about the beautiful places in my country, as I have studied tourism for many years. So what I can do is give some tips on what people who want to discover a new and exciting subject for their photographs should see first here. It is not a comprehensive or scientific guide...just a few pointers. Hope it helps someone and at least one photographer decides to come :)


The Danube Delta is a UNESCO natural heritage site since 1990 and the largest wetlands reservation in Europe, covering 2.681 sq. km. An exotic land, still untouched by industrialization it holds the biggest bird fauna on the continent, with over 1200 species, including unique pelican colonies. It also hosts about 1.800 species of flora and about 3.500 species of fauna, making it a paradise for nature photographers and lovers.


The monasteries located in the north of Moldova region also known as Bucovina are a religious testament depicting the very soul of the peoples that built them and their beliefs. Many of them being protected UNESCO sites they cause a profound impression of calmness and peace in the viewers eyes. The bright colors, beautiful frescoes and dreamlike natural environment are a must for everyone wishing to know more about these places.


The wooden churches of Maramures are remarkable examples of orthodox architecture. Their style is unique in the world, with tall and narrow roofs and intricate wood designs. They are exceptional expressions proving the cultural heritage of this wonderful mountain area from northern Romania.


These rather low mountains offer exceptional photographic opportunities in almost every part of their range, with remote mountain villages, narrow gorges, pastoral panoramas or deep caves. Some of the sites are so remote and unknown that one could be sure that nor photographer ever got the same picture.


Considered one, if not the most, beautiful citadel of Europe, it’s the only medieval town in Europe in which people still live. The Transylvanian fortified city is linked with the notorious count Dracula and on its aging streets unique images can be found daily. One of the most rewarding occasion it’s the annual medieval festival, when ancient scenes come to life.


Located in the middle of the Carpathian mountains, it’s still haunted by the spirit of the ruler Vlad Tepes, the historic figure that inspired the dreadful Dracula. Travelers still expect to see him come to life in this magnificent castle.


Those who like to photograph daily life or rural panoramas would most likely find the Romanian landscape a most satisfying target. Some of the villages are so authentic and untouched, that one could find himself centuries back.


Some of the cities are a remarkable subject for architecture photos.
© Ksurrr


© Garcea

Photo credits: Serban Enache, Olteanu Calin, Dreamstock, Emicristea, Ovidiu Iordache, Ksenia Kozlovskaya, Leo Bruce Hempell, Lupoianflaviu, Silviu-florin Salomia, Rechitan Sorin, Pavalache Stelian.

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January 14, 2009


Yeah one of my must visit country, might end up there sometimes.

January 14, 2009


Very beautiful!

January 14, 2009


It sounds (and looks from the photos) like a wonderful place to visit.

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