Comfort and warmth in my photos of everyday life in Russia

Russian traditional tea

Hello dear visitors and readers!

I'm not a professional photographer. All photos exclusively of my daily life, they are not staged. Pictures do for myself, to remember and to admire them. I love substantive shoot, shoot those things and specials that surround me, which I like - mostly events of day- hike on the nature and restoration of antiques, vacation in a cozy atmosphere. I love nature, I love to cook original and tasty food, I love the rustic style in interior design, bath vacation, fishing and hunting - so on my page and portfolio, you will find pictures on the topic. I think they are well suited to create greeting cards, calendars and covers for feature articles. I do not try to work on the quantity, the most important thing for me is art, this is what emotions bears fotografiya- as it warmth and mood. If the sight of my work - you smiled and you become well- meaning picture turned out well. Sorry for my English

Photo credits: Ilia Zhirnov.
Ilia Zhirnov
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  • Zhirnovu
  • Oktyabrsky/ Repablic Bashkortostan, Russian Federation

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