Comfort zone, not as comfortable as I thought.

My first blog on Dreamstime.

I have been here just over a month, 76 images approved, no sales yet, but I am more inspired each day by what is possible in the future.

I am pleased to announced I received my first Editors Choice for this image yesterday. I wondered why my views on that image were over 400, when most of my images seem to average around 20-30 views. Now I know. What a pleasant surprise! I guess the image chosen was an appropriate one for me.

I am on a jouney here. Most of the images I typically take are not what I would consider stock oriented. In fact I would say that 70% of the images I have ever taken are of dogs competing in an agility trial, hence the Editor's choice being an appropriate one. I enjoy taking images of dogs competing. Everybody loves to see a photo of their own dog & re-live the fun they had on the day. The reality is that a mediocre image will still make people happy because of the personal nature of the subject.

On joining Dreamstime, I did a search for agility images. It seems there are not that many and the ones that exist have been sold multiple times. Great, I thought! I have thousands of them. I was horrified once I started going though my own images & examining them at 100% zoom. It seems I am not nearly as good as I thought I was. To be fair, it is not at all an easy subject to get perfect shots in. Many of the dogs move fast & erratically and getting focus as well as an appropriate DOF can be challenging. Sure, the images I typically take are fine for 8 x 10 prints, but not good enough for stock.

Of course Dreamstime does not need a huge influx of agility images, and it is not my intention to try to provide one. It does however, make me realise that not only do I need to change the way I see and think to create new images, but I need to concentrate on the technical aspect of my existing photography a lot more than I have been. I no longer want to make people happy, I want to excel to sell.

I need to move out of my comfort zone. Improve on what I thought I was already proficient (even good) at AND venture into a whole new world of subjects with the same quality goals in mind.

I guess I will start tackling concepts one at a time. I have a fairly basic lighting setup, so my first goal will be to take some images of everyday objects. I have had a couple of attempts & it is not nearly as easy as I imagined to get lighting & focus correct. This shot of a red pepper was accepted so I guess it can't be all bad.

Stay tuned. Hopefully my next blog will be about my progress.

thanks for reading.

Photo credits: Vickie Priestley.

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Thank you for your comments and support. I woke up this morning to discover I now have 2 sales, so it seems I am on my way :)


Good luck - you have a really nice portfolio so far so just keep uploading!


As Fultonsphoto said, stick in there and keep uploading, sales will follow, well here is your first sale, congrats, many to follow. cheers mate,


Stick in there, you are doing well and have some wonderful images, sales will come, congrats on the editors choice, that is not easy so shows you that you are proficient as you suspected.

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