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For those of you who have read my previous blog entry, ....


I am definately going to make sure I take excellent care of him from now on! I was so scared and missing him all day long!

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See, forgiven already :0) glad he is ok.


UPDATE: ! At 4:30am EST, I woke up to the sound of kitty eating!! Yay!!! And, he talked to me a little bit and actually came when I called. :) Even let me have a few minutes of rubbing his chin and neck. :)


Thank you. :) I do have an update: he has come out from under the bed! He has used the litter box, wandered around some, avoided me, and slept on the heat vent for a while. Right now he is asleep in my scarf drawer. He hasn't eaten or drank anything, but the vet said he would probably be upset for a few hours. And since this is his sleepy time, I'm not going to force any liquid down his throat, especially since he's mad at me for force-feeding him the antibiotic and anti-acid. He still needs to get one more med, but I don't feel waking him up to give it to him would be best. I'll get him when he gets up again.


He'll be all right :) Cats have 9 lives as you know :)


Thanks! Right now he is very upset. I brought him home and gave him his antibiotic. When I went to the kitchen to rinse the syringe, I heard him growling in the bedroom. I found him under the bed with drool on his mouth and urine behind him. The vet said he's just very upset right now. He seems calmer now, but he's still under the bed, lying on a pair of my cotton pants. I hope he comes out soon. I wanna cuddle!


Good luck, hope all goes well and Kitty is feeling much better.


Oh, I know! I've buried dogs, turtles, birds, rabbits, lizards, ferrets, chickens, ducks, and even fish (it was huge). I remember that we buried the parakeets and cockatiels with their favorite toy so that they'd have something familiar in their next life. If I am this attached to my pets, what's it going to be like when I have a child? !


Good Luck with him! I put my old cat on some vitamins to help with his arthritis. He can't see well either and getting on the bed to sleep with "his daddy" was hard. Now he can get up easier. The last old cat I had was killed when my husband was out of town and it devastated him! I will probably have to just bury these two together even if one isn't dead yet. Love those pets, don't we?


Hooray!!!!! I am very happy for you!

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