Commedia dell'arte

Did a search for commedia dell' arte, an ancient italian theatrical - you can read more about it , by the way it is still kept alive by great artists such as Dario Fo.

I had expected to get thousands of images of masks and performers, and the charachters harlequin, pantalone, brighella and so on...

But search resulted in 8 photos, wow I think I discovered a niche...:)

I immediately made an illustration with one of the charachters, and hopefully more will follow, since this one was approved.

© Sukro

Photo credits: Natalya Korolevskaya, Susanne Krogh-hansen.

Your article must be written in English



Grazie Papepi.....:)


Thank you!


He is Pantalone
Mask of Pantalone, the character of the Italian theater,live in Venezia in 1500,father of Rosaura


Which character did you draw? Does he have a name? He looks like a detective.


my collection... italian carnival


Cool! Jump on it.

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