Commercial-style photos

From the simplest but trying to do it as useful and professionally as possible,

no need for model release (it is not necessary in this case) because we can not see the face of the model, so everything works faster and simpler

And the best of everything, the model is me, nobody better than I could know exactly what I look for in each photograph, and it's free, there we go

businessman and touch tablet

businessman and touch tablet IV

Man and suit

Man signing III

Man signing

the electronic signature

Hands and laptop

Man and laptop

Photo credits: Moravaldes.

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November 05, 2018


Wroth a thank moravaldes. Appreciate the effort.

November 05, 2018


Those pics speaks a lit.

January 18, 2017


no need, thanks for comments and good sales

January 17, 2017


Excellent photos! But are you sure you need no model release for hands?

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