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Hello Dreamstime Community,

I am wondering if anyone knows if it ispossible to switch an accepted image from commercial to editorial? Or if the best way is to delete the image and re-submit it?

I accidentaly uploaded an image of a bubble gum machine filled with marbles as a commerical image. I believe that this should actually be an editorial as it was taken in a vintage store front so I do not own the right to it. Not sure if I got that right.

Thank you ALL! for the help.

Photo credits: Teeimagination.

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July 10, 2013


no trademarks, hence commercial.
Also I don't think it would get accepted as editorial as editorial value is limited.

July 08, 2013


Thank you all for your help! I think I will leave it then as commerical

July 07, 2013


Yes is a commercial:)

July 06, 2013


I think this is a commercial and not an editorial image ;)

July 06, 2013


Leave it as one knows the shop, the make or the area where this machine is held. The editors would have rejected if not commercial.

July 06, 2013


It's fine as commercial in my opinion.

July 06, 2013


I think it works as well as commercial. I don't see any particular signs or trademarks in your image and you couldn't even tell where it was taken :) So I think that's why it was accepted. You could send a message to an admin though, just to be sure :)

July 05, 2013


I think it is fine as commercial. But if you ever need to change one all you have to do is upload the image again as editorial, then disable the old image and ask for priority review to get the image back on as editorial. Be sure to give old ID# and new ID#. But its best just to contact support by emailing them and asking them first. Good Luck.

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