Comming home

One of my loved ones has survived a tour in war and is heading home. Please allow me to display the flag and thank him for his sacrifices. I will be doing this from time to time as they come and go.


Photo credits: Dave Willman.


flag home war

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September 20, 2007


i agree completely...hopefully we can do this again in november when, my friend photojay comes home. please pass our thanks on to your loved one

September 19, 2007


You are absolutely welcome to do so. My husband and I have many friends whom have just arrived in Kuwait. For many, this is their second tour. My husband served with them in Afghanistan in 2004 - 2005. I have always supported our troops, but having seen a closer side of such events has provided me a whole new perspective on these things. I completely respect any person who unselfishly gives their time, heart, and risks their lives to protect the freedoms and liberties of the many.

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