Competition entry

In 2015 I entered a competition for the British Ordnance Survey to provide an image for one of their new maps of the British Isles.

When I first submitted my entry I checked regularly to see if there were any signs of my entry progressing, but after two months I gave up. Was it worth entering was in my mind? Imagine my surprise and delight this week when I received a complimentary copy of the map bearing my image.

The image I submitted was of Birmingham library taken from an angle to give an interesting aspect of the building.

This created a more artistic view of what is a great architectural building rather than a more factual front on image.

My conclusion to the above question is that it is definitely worth entering competitions not just for a prize but also to give your work a wider audience.

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March 26, 2016


Congratulations Andrew!

March 24, 2016



March 23, 2016


Great news - well done!

March 23, 2016


congratulations. Very interesting architecture!

March 22, 2016


Congrats Andrew!
Are you working as a chef? Lots of nice food... :-)

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Photo credits: Andrew Norton.