Competition is strong....

One of the competitors of DT is going to close it's doors by the end of 2010: the German Polylooks.

Read more here: End of Polylooks, Part I

or here: End of Polylooks, Part II

The authors of the above mentioned article wrote that Polylooks, that is owned by the Deutsche Telekom and was founded in June 2009, hasn't been able to win the fight against the big international players like ST, FT and iSP.

What does that mean for DT? For me? For all of us?

Photo credits: Cristalloid.

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October 04, 2010


Competition is good, we all are competitors here in DT, the best images are the ones that sell better. We all (as DT) live in a competition world.

October 03, 2010


I am very proud for working with DT!

October 03, 2010


I think DT is one of the best among all agencies and will be in a much better situation in coming years. Microstock business is going to be a bigger market in the future since the visionary elements are being used more and more in the modern world.

October 03, 2010


From what I have been reading (thanks to Cristalloid) it seems that this agency was mainly focused on german photographers, DT , I think is more internationally orientated, at least as far as I can see we DTers come from all type of countries around the world. In this context I understand that DT is more competitive (I hope so...), DT-staff: how are we doing?

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