Complete Collection of Refusing Reasons

How many kinds of reasons have you received about refused files? Did you really understant these reasons and do a well job to avoid receiving again? Undoubtedly, reading these reasons carefully is very helpful for you to avoid refusing and improve your acceptance ratio. Here is the complete list of refusing reasons which I collected when my pics are refused. I hope this can be helpful to you.

1.This is a very well covered subject in our data base or the subject of your image is too specific. We are looking for images that exceed the technical quality and creativity of the images already online. Please take a few minutes to browse through the best selling images online (on this subject) and go deeper, play, have a more creative, more personal approach to it, also keeping in mind the technical quality of the image.

2.Image is not RF stock oriented or its sales potential is too low at this stage. Please note that Stock photography is a commercial type of imagery, so, snapshots are not Stock. There are several vital requirements that an image must meet in order to be stock oriented. An image must serve a purpose, must have a concept, must have a good technical execution in terms of composition, exposure, light setting, optical performance. Creativity is a keyword for a successful stock image, as well. It is also very important to understand that Art and Stock are two fundamentally different categories of imagery, that only meet when an artwork can adapt to a wide range of commercial usage

3.The image contains elements that might be protected by copyright/trademark (logos, brands, specific buildings etc.) or could raise usage problems, therefore it doesn't qualify as a RF stock image. Analyze the photo closely and remove these elements if possible or try to obtain a property release. Read more:

4.The image includes recognizable humans. It cannot be accepted without a model release signed by your subject(s). Also, take note that, if the main subject of the image is a person, a model release is required even if the face is not fully visible. If the people within your photo are not the main subject but their faces are visible, then you also need a MR for each person whose face is visible. You can download the model release document from the following address:

5.Lack of composition. Please visit the Stock Photo Utilities section of our site or the message boards for more information on how to produce stock-oriented images.

6.Poor color: this image has a low color profile and needs improvement in order to increase its sales potential. You can process your image with color enhancement software, such as Photoshop, giving it the appeal it needs.

7.Poor lighting setup, poor contrast or incorrect exposure.

8.Poor optical performance due to low lens quality, such as lens fringing, chromatic aberrations, uneven sharpness in focus area.

9.Distorted pixels due to poor sensor performance, image was interpolated, poorly scanned, upsampled or JPG was not saved at the highest quality.

10.White balance parameter was not correctly assigned.

11.We have reviewed your file and this is not quite what we're looking for.

12.Image is out of focus or too much of the subject is out of focus (DOF too shallow or DOF not justified) / Image is shaken. Use a faster speed or a tripod. Please check the files at 100% zoom before submitting them.

13.This image is overfiltered. Its use for the potential designers is limited because of this, therefore the image is disqualified as a RF stock-oriented image. Please upload the original instead.

14.The image contains a large amount of noise artifacts. Please fix this issue using noise-removal software and resubmit. You can also check this thread:

15.Image is overexposed/underexposed.

16.Poor background removal. There are strange artifacts left on the background / The margins of your subject(s) are distorted or look unnatural against the background. should use a softbox or other difuser for your lights in order to create softer shadows - especially for isolated objects.

Photo credits: Jin Peng.

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October 16, 2011


for editorial:

19. We consider the editorial usefulness of this image is rather low.

October 16, 2011


18.Your image info contains one or more of the following issues: irrelevant or incomplete title, description/keywords/categories issues, similar/identical title and description, title/description written with capital letters(CAPS LOCK ON). Use only keywords that are the most relevant and specific to the image subject. All the info required for an image is important and has great influence on your sales. That's why you must take your time for each image and provide individual, accurate, relevant and comprehensive information. Don't just copy&paste words, don't rush. The more precise the info will be, the more efficient the search will be as well and hence your sales. Read more:

July 19, 2008


I'm just wondering, if it's possible to create an image what would be rejected for all those 17 reasons? I guess my best attempt was 4-5 reasons, if I remember correctly... ;)

July 19, 2008


There's also an article under Stock photo utilities explaining some of the most frequent refusal reasons:

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