Composing photos

I am new to stock photography and am really enjoying all there is to learn. I started to compose some objects to make the scene rather than take a photo of what's there.

This of course opens up a whole world only limited by our imagination. Yes the whole point is to create something that has a chance of selling somewhere, but it still involves the imagination.

I also browse the sections to see what's out in dreamstime and that also sparks it.

the great thing about starting something new like stock photography for me is I can only improve as time goes on. Especially with tips and info from places like the blog.

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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September 23, 2007


Is a very good start, creating something to shot and when it got sale it give a feeling beyond word. Can try to improve the lighting, i can see two shadow dropping on two difference direction. the yellow pencil and the compass shadow drop on the left which indicate one light come from the right which also show on the safety hat .But there also one more light from the left which created a small shadow of the red pencil which drop at the end tip of the pencil. Try put a reflector above and shine your left light to it. then look through the camera angle, find the angle of the reflector so it reflect the compass to make it more shining. Happy trying.

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