Composing your Own Photo

Just think about this, you have a subject selected, but now, how do you make this picture as amazing as it can get? Well, you need to start off by knowing what makes up a good photo. When someone is looking to buy a photograph they look for key elements of composition, patterns in the photo, such as bricks, lines, such as buildings, shapes like public art, grass, and graffiti.

They also look for colors, but be careful with colors because colors can mean white or black, not only the colors in the rainbow. Some people try to find symmetry, like in a landscaped garden or perfectly lined up trees.

Most of all, people look for depth of field. Although depth of field can be hard to accomplish, it pays off. In order to do depth of field, you have to focus on an object, push down on the shutter release half way, (that will freeze the shot) and the camera will focus and you will get depth of field. Believe it or not, composing a photo is not as hard as it looks. With time and effort, you will have amazingly composed photos.

A Morning on the train tracks

Photo credits: Tian Valenzuela.

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November 25, 2014


Every tip couts to me, every lesson counts to me so thanks for sharing :)

November 24, 2014


Great thanks for sharing.

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