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The very best photos, including stock photos, are simple and convey a clear concept. The easier the idea of the image is to understand the more powerful it becomes. The last month or so I have tried to submit to Dreamstime photos with a clear concept. Here are a few recent images:

© Eric1513 ( Help)

© Eric1513 ( Help)

© Eric1513 ( Help)

My experience is that concept images sell well. Some previous concept images that have sold for me in the past include:

© Eric1513 ( Help)

© Eric1513 ( Help)

© Eric1513 ( Help)

© Eric1513 ( Help)

The simplier and cleaner an image is, and the clearer the concept, the more likley the image will sell. Challenge yourself to capture a clear concept in your photos and your success will grow.

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August 02, 2014


Dreamstime Photographer Lane Erickson,

I wanted to let you know I used your photo (Washington Monument with US Capitol) in my new children’s book ‘Look Up’ recently out on Amazon. I thank you for your contribution to the book. I purchased the royalty-free photo through a subscription with Dreamstime. I wanted to send each photographer a copy of the book displaying their work but unfortunately with 71 photos used it is financially impossible for me to do so at this time. But I do not want your work to go unrecognized so I hope the book will bring people to Dreamstime to see the wonderful photos available there.

You can see more about ‘Look Up’ on my webpage

I hope it means as much to you as it does to me seeing your photo in the book and that you or someone you know will enjoy it!

Kim Thomas
Woodstock, Virginia
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February 26, 2013


Thank you everyone for your comments. Good luck to you all!

February 18, 2013


Thank you very much, Great article.
It very important for any member.

February 17, 2013


I agree with you and your choice above is excellent as a set of examples. David.

February 17, 2013


I also think you are rigth

February 16, 2013


You're totally right... Congratulations.

February 16, 2013


You have made deglle good image, you have done a magnificent job, congratulations!

February 15, 2013


Great article-very simple and clean and you picked great examples to illustrate your point!

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Photo credits: Lane Erickson.