Concept photography

Concept photography is still very challenging for me. The challenge is to visualize an idea in a single picture. In such a way that it is immediately recognized and that it needs no explanation. I have tried several, however, this did not result in a big sales. Here is my blog on concept photography.

Maybe you can help me out? Are there good books about this? Or blogs?

Below is one of my concept pictures: Always Connected or 24/7 Economy.

Combining work and pleasure

Photo credits: Peter Apers.

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Thanks for the advice and support!


for concept photography I sometimes look on the "business " side with images that deal with the economy, try looking at other people's work to get inspired and also remember what you photograph may be different, but its what makes your photography unique


It is important to get inspired from the big "masters" but you should find your own way.


Thank you for the topic. As for me the picture should not be just a snapshot of surroundings or nature. I just delete my images which cause no my emotions or feelings even they have very good quality. “Tell the story” could be noticed in many DT admin blogs.
My favorite book is quite an old edition of “How to take great photographs” by John Hedgecoe. Not about concepts but getting something about your inquiry.


Try less thinking and more imagining.


Yes, it seems to be the ABC of the whole thing, it may help having an eye on the work of other successful members of DT as well as checking magazines and advertisements.

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