Concepts And Metaphors

Metaphors in photography are very exciting. I love to do a representation of a person, place, thing, or idea in a visual image. It rather comes naturally in to my mind when i see it or at the post production stage when i can focus, look and think about particular shot :)

I was simply playing with a plastic bottle and a candle and this idea came in to my mind :) self expressing image i think.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Here I saw destructive power of machine against the nature so i called it total destruction... When i was taking this picture then and there i was worried about how powerful and destructive humans are and yet at the same time i thought how little and weak against nature we are.

Total Destruction - concept

Black and White two opposites :)

Sheep - Opposites concept

Post communism heritage in Poland... my home... Factory and lots of blocks of flats... I thought black and white representation of this picture will show monotony of everyday life back in 1980-90..

Post communism block of flats - black and white concept

There is few more pictures in my collection if you're interested please check it now and again :) It will grow in time.

Concepts And Metaphors collection

Photo credits: Sebastian423.
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January 22, 2015

Thank you its good to hear it was :)


January 20, 2015

A very inspiring post, thank you!