Concepts from precepts

Every country and county has laws, and in our own local city or town where we live there are also by-laws covering all aspects of civil life.

Whilst that all sounds a bit can also be quite interesting when you start thinking outside the box regarding some of these laws and putting a conceptual twist to them which adds a touch of humour!

As an example, in the UK we have this law regarding pets...dogs in particular....."Where a dog effectively prevents use of a right of way, for example by standing in the middle of a path facing on-comers with snarls and bared teeth, or where it merely frightens users, for example by running around them barking in a threatening manner, this constitutes a public nuisance. Such conduct may also constitute an obstruction of the highway which is an offence in criminal law."

Such a law got my conceptual juices flowing and I couldn't help myself by thinking 'How could this law be depicted in a humorous conceptual manner?"

So I got to looking through all my photos of pets and came across a rather good one of two dogs who were checking each other out in the park....sniffing each other out in the usual places! I was standing at just the right angle to take the shot in such a way that it only looked like one dog standing there and looking at his backside!

I digitally removed the back legs and right legs respectively on both dogs to make it look more realistic and thought "There must be something the dog is actually looking at!"

So the law mentioned above gave me the idea of digitally attaching a parking fine notice on the dog's backside whilst he was standing illegally on double yellow lines...which of course was also digitally manipulated.

I hope the photo below nicely illustrates the by-law of dogs obstructing the use of a public roadway and causing an offence which is subject to a fine!

Illegally parked dog on yellow double lines parking pets

So...another example of how conceptual ideas are all around us...some are obvious and others need a little bit more thought to bring a conceptual idea to life!

Photo credits: Photodynamx.

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March 13, 2019


I really need to follow your example, and put more thought into how my photos can be used.

March 12, 2019


That could also be the reason for the confused look on dog's face...cheers!

March 12, 2019


Great humorous illustration! But what makes me laugh most is a Pug with a long-haired curly coat and tail! Wonder how many people will catch that? (Just the pug lovers!). Nice job. William

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