conceptual art in photography

In one of my previous blogs, I stated how background photos ( textures, colours, patterns, skies and clouds) can be used to good effect, and how they make the ideal foundation for publishers to use for their own type, text or image to be added on top.

In conceptual photography, which I have spoken much about in previous blogs, everyday items or objects can be photographed and used to portray an idea outside its original intended main function or reason for its existence!

For example, a book is an everyday item that everybody on the planet owns, and yet outside its original intended purpose for its existence be used to educate or entertain us in some factual or fictional way....a book can also be photographed and used to convey another thought or idea.

The photograph below is one such example of how a book can be used (in this case a bible) to convey the thought or idea of how spirituality or divine education contained in the bible, can be a source of true freedom and liberty to us.

Just as the birds that fly high above us, so God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts and can benefit us and give us peace of mind...and so the object of a bible book once opened up, can take on the form of the wings of a bird in flight depicting freedom, I then duplicated this book many times and resized them to give the impression of birds flying through the air using one of my background photos of the sky and clouds!

Bible birds of freedom

The above photo is one example of how objects around us can be used to portray other ideas and used for another purpose other than the one they were created for!

Salvador Dali the prominent Spanish surrealist painter best known for his 1931 painting 'The Persistence of Memory', showing melting clocks in a landscape setting often used everyday objects around him to portray in an abstract way other ideas or concepts outside our mode of normal thinking and perception.

Try to see objects in a different light, and portray them in a conceptual way...this opens up a whole new dimension in stock that will be unique to your art and hopefully help to increase your sales!

Photo credits: Photodynamx.

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April 27, 2019


Great comments...very inspiring!

April 20, 2019


A perfectly illustrated article. It makes me realise how literal (authentic?) my photography is.

April 20, 2019


So eloquently written and a creative, artistic photo to illustrate. Thanks for writing and for dignifying such a worthy subject! William

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