Sometimes when people get together they share blunders they have had over the years and we all laugh and share some of our own. So I thought I'd start with one and perhaps you can share one of yours. We all have a few ya know.

I went on a dive boat trip and was anxious to try out my underwater housing on the dive. I made sure I had a fresh battery and that the the ring was sealed good so it wouldn't leak and thought I was ready. We got to the reef and every body got in the water, descended to the reef and right away I got a shot of a nice Moray eel. I went to ended up with one picture on that dive.

But a lesson well learned.


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August 22, 2007


Sorry I wasn't clear. I didn't put in the memory card and I of course couldn't open it up once I was under.

August 22, 2007


Not exactly sure what you're talking about? Why only one shot? Did the camera leak? Did the battery run out? Was there just nothing else to shoot? You're not very clear about what was the actual blunder?

As for my most embaressing moment, it has nothing to do with photography. I was a BIG BIG iron maiden fan, had all the records been to tons of shows (well 2!) knew EVERYTHING there was to know about the band and all there members. One night they played in my home town of Glasgow and I managed to wrangle my way into the after show party and actually meet my heros. In my hurry to try and get a memento of the occasion i went up to the bass player and founder of the band Steve Harris and asked him if I could have one of his guitar picks. He just looked at me as if I had crawled out of a space ship and knew nothing about anything? The reason why???
Steve Harris uses only his fingers to pluck and strum his guitar and EVERY good maiden fan knew that. Needless to say I hurredly made my why to the farthest away corner from steve for the remainder of the party with a very red face indeed.

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