Conflict sells.

I have posted several images on this site, and have been surprised by what have been my best sellers. When I first joined the site, I thought that people wouldn’t be interested in my images of war and conflict. I just posted them to share.

I have since discovered that the images from Iraq have generated virtually all of my sales. I know that images of nature, business people, elegance, and art are mainstays in the business.

Though a war zone isn’t a place where you expect to find much beauty, I was surprised to find that there were small things that were in fact quite beautiful in their own way. The faces of the children as we passed by, the banks of the ancient Euphrates, and in a strange way, the war machines that patrolled noisily through the countryside all displayed a certain beauty.

I have reflected on why these images have thrived on this site. Every time I turn on the evening news, it becomes clear to me. Conflict sells. Perhaps you have images in your portfolio which demonstrate this side of life. A burning building, a car wreck, a street riot, or any event that demonstrates a rougher side of humanity just may surprise you. Go back through and try some images that you may have skipped over. They may just turn out to be winners.

Good luck.

Photo credits: Brian Cherry, Lane Erickson, Kristian Sekulic.

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June 29, 2011


The ones I have posted are the only ones that I am allowed to post. The rest have identifiable faces that I don't have releases signed.

June 10, 2011


Hi Brian,
Do you have any photos of daily Iraqi life? Not of war or soldiers but photos showing the landscape of Iraq and the daily lives of Iraqis in the market place etc. I'm searching for photos that depict the daily lives of iraqis outside of war


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