OK. Now I'm confused. I'm a photographer mostly for weddings. I like to photograph other things but my main activity is weddings. I found today an image of mine (witch is here on dreamstime for selling ) on this site . An that guy pretends that he made that image. And he has my image in his portfolio. :( Now what! :(

Photo credits: Rabac_liviu.

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Yep. I think that he understood that this is not the proper way to use a stock image. I'm happy :)


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Use his contact form and tell him to remove the image. We support you. Tell us how to help. I have a "ping of death" in my closet ready to use :)


Contact support. Hurry!


I think he will be able to wiggle out of this. The photographer says that In this gallery you will find images that Ive shot on previous wedding photography commissions. He does not say that all of the images are his. As a photographer this is totally unethical but he is probably within the law.

Personally I think these sentences: "The varied images here will allow you to evaluate my wedding photographer work. If you like what you see, please contact me..." clearly states that HE took the images shown.


You need to to contact support. The relevant part of the RF license:

"Buying the high-resolution image (purchasing the license) does not transfer the copyright. You may not claim that the image is your own..."


Sorry to hear that! Hope you`ll solve the problem!


images that I've shot = his work/images/property. Anyway.....I just want him to remove my image. That's it.


I think he will be able to wiggle out of this. The photographer says that "In this gallery you will find images that I've shot on previous wedding photography commissions." He does not say that all of the images are his. As a photographer this is totally unethical but he is probably within the law.


Just think about this.If somebody want to start a wedding photography career. Well this is quite simple. With 100 $ you can make a perfect portfolio. Just download 20 images and you're done. And to create a normal need like 2-3 years.. It is normal to by images to promote yourself? I understand that most people buy images for, magazines, website headers, backgrounds, flyers, etc. I don't understand why this is happening. It's not normal.


really unsuitable!


I'm assuming most of the RF images we sell are used to promote something (and usually the price of the image is super cheap compared with the income from the product it helps to promote).

I understand that this is ethically wrong. He is layer. But I highly doubt this is legally wrong. As a result, I don't think DT support can do anything about it (but you can still try).


It's true but he is promoting himself with my work. Maybe he will make some wedding contracts (and some money) with my work. This is the best deal. Pay 2 $ for one image and make 2000.


Definitely report it to DT support; I'm sure they will help you.


Assuming he bought the image (quite likely) and he is not re-selling it as his own (he likely is not), it appears to be rather ethical than legal problem.

If that's the case (and it appears to be), he is just presenting the image in a way that suggests he took it.

You can read the RF license and the terms here:

The use of the image is not defamatory and is not in any context that could be perceived as such. It is not editorial image and hence it is not necessary to credit the photographer.


if you're exclusive in DT, obviously report it to support.


I would say contact DT support.

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