Contemplating the move to mirrorless

I recently wrote an article entitled Are Mirrorless Cameras the Future of Digital Photography? which I've published on HubPages.

I've read a lot about mirrorless cameras, including Brad Calkins' blog post Micro Four Thirds hitting its stride, which makes a very strong case for moving to a smaller and more portable system.

I admit an emotional attachment to my Canon 7D, but I hate carrying it around and when I do, I never seem to have the right lenses with me.

So why can't I commit to making the move to mirrorless?

Photo credits: Maddrew.

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Unteroffizier, I've also been wondering about using it for macro photography, though I use the screen if I have to focus manually. I can't get it right with the optical viewfinder.


How about using the system for macro photography. I am currently using extension tubes and nikon DX system. Manual focusing viewing from DSLR optical viewfinder. Any user review online or first hand photographer experience here?


Thanks for all the useful comments and links. I've been too busy to read everything properly yet, but I will in the next day or two.


Here's an interesting link to a professional review:
Long Term Review on Photofocus


MFT sensors in the latest cameras are easily as good as the 7D or other one generation old APS-C camera. I've gone from the 7D to the OM-D and don't regret it. Unless you are going to go full frame the only real weakness is continuous AF, but even there it is pretty good. Lens choice with Canon is amazing, but MFT isn't far off if you consider the lenses you might actually buy! My opinion is that MFT is very compelling if you enjoy shooting with prime lenses.


I am also a Panasonic micro 4/3 supporter. There are some advantages besides the weight and price. One of them which sometimes may be considered a disadvantage is that it has longer DOF (depth of field) due to its somewhat smaller sensor. The biggest advantage is the tilt able LCD which enables you to take waist level pictures or very close to the ground without needing to lay down in the mud. Also in crowds I can put the camera on a tripod hold it high, still able to frame the picture I am taking with the LCD and use the self timer. Think concerts parades etc.

The disadvantage is supposedly in the dynamic range and noise (smaller sensor) which is not really a problem for me with DT once you decide to never go over 400 ISO.

Also something subjective. One really needs a lot of self confidence to show up on a payed event and cover it with the small camera. Well established pro photographers may not care but I do. People expect a humongous camera. It is part of the show. I am compensating for this by mounting the camera on a big flash bracket, have a large flash with a diffuser, dwarfs the camera.

Good luck with your decision


Thanks for the link. I am still keeping my DSLR bodies.


You might be interested in this blog by Giulio Sciorio, a professional photographer who sold his Canon gear and now shoots high profile assignments using an Olympus OMD and the even smaller PEN cameras.

How to overcome the fear of moving to M43

I made the move to an Olympus OMD E-M5 and love it.


Seems like most Mirrorless camera bodies are very small. With very small hangrip. It just dont feel right holding them and using them for long periods, be it events, streets or other assignments. Larger DSLR bodies are still for me so i am taking good care of my current bodies. If the world goes mirrorless, i will drop photography forever or go full frame if they are made more affordable. I still prefer the optical viewfinder over any other things that require a power source to power them on just to see the scene.

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