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I have 9 images of a rodeo event. This image, which is the first to be approved on April 19, has no views, while the other 8 images, which were approved 2 to 4 days later, have anywhere from 11 to 26 views. Upon further investigation, I found that the content filter of this image is YES, while the other images is NO. What is content filter? and how do I turn it off?



Photo credits: Gary Arbach.

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How do you turn it off? Mine wont turn off. I set it to off but when I click update features it turns it right back on!!!


that's good you find the reason finally.
and it's useful.


Ok, I just called Dreamstime and I got an answer: The content filter is automatically triggered by specific keywords. For example, the word "nude" or "violent" would trigger the content filter to be YES. I would guess an inspector could also enable the content filter if they feel the image warrants it.


Let's try this do you change the content filter for a particular image? There is no edit icon for it on the edit image page. Thanks for the compliment, by the way.


It's like an 18+ filter, if you don't want to see nudes etc leave it on if you turn it off you will have access to all that is for sale on DT. Great images by the way, I wish you many sales :-)


Thanks for the reply, BCritchley, but what is it for? What does it do? I suspect it does impact views since this image is the only one of this series with Content filter ON and no views. How do I change it?


Your content filter is in your management area and is either on or off. This determines what you see and does not effect your images for sale or individual files. Hope this helps?

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