Content filter - Image *dead sentence* ?

Some months ago I got accepted an image, which was marked with the content filter. This of course I found out later on, when I was wondering, why the image has 0 views and it is not showing in my portfolio. It was not showing, because I had by a default set Content Filter ON.

Being a newbie to Dreamstime, it took me a while to find out, that reason for image not showing is done by the Content Filter. So I changed my site features and turned the Content Filter OFF. For me, I want to have a choice to decide, what is acceptable and what is not, when I search and do not want to have limited choice by a default. You can turn your filter content ON/OFF in your management area (or next to a search box).

I am sure, it is a great feature to have, but my question is: Is image with filtered content almost dead image to a potential viewers/buyers?

A few months later, my image is still showing 0 views. I wonder, if this is because of the content filter or because less then half of images with the same theme (marijuana plant) are without filtering.

As I said before, I think that content filter is a great feature to have. But perhaps it would be useful to see, how many images were hidden in the search result, when the filter is ON. I think many potential buyers do not really know, they might have some great images hidden, when they search.

At the moment we get just line saying something like this:

Home > Search results: 1,691 images Content filter: ON

How about line like this?:

Home > Search results: 1,691 images Content filter: ON - (hidden 489 images)

And what images are marked with the filter?

I believe that usually images showing/promoting violence, sex, nudity, drugs, racial motives, alcohol, smoking, guns fall in this category. Some of the keywords automatically might trigger content filter (YES).

Also, during the selection process an image inspectors do probably mark image with the content filter (YES).

What do you think about the Content Filter?

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March 27, 2012


Well, I had no idea that content filter could arise from keywords. Will check some of my 0 views images if I have that filter on.
And yoe, it would be a good idea to have (hidden nnn images).

March 02, 2012


I'm glad to be of some help Baldas and thanks for all the comments. I'm actually curious, if the image gets up to 10 views within a year....

February 20, 2012


Please read my blog about content filtering:

Content Filter On/off - Sensitive Photos

February 20, 2012


Thank you for the useful advise! You help me to understand why a my image uploaded some months ago has no views up to now!

February 19, 2012


I think it has no use like categories

February 19, 2012


Good image!

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