Content Filter On/off - Sensitive Photos

In the "Management Area" below the search field there is a check box

with two little buttons called "Content Filter On/Off".

When you search for photos with "Content Filter" switched to "On" all

photos which are considered by DT as "sensitive" are not shown.

Per default for each account the content filter is switched to "On".

Of course, what an individual considers as "sensitive" might heavily differ

by factors like age, background, culture, belief, gender etc.

Nevertheless DT seems to be quite strict with the definition of "sensitive"

and I suppose that also reviewers have different opinions about it.

For example:

© Jdanne

is "Content filtered: YES",

but nearly the same photo with ladies instead of men

© Jdanne

is "Content filtered: NO".

Needless to say that the first photo got 13 views but the second one without the

filter got 143 views.

Both photos belong to the same sport event and were downloaded nearly

at the same time. Therefore I suspect that many members of DT still have their content

filter switched to"On" without being aware of it.

Even if such kind of photos might be considered as "violent" by people who are not

familiar with karate, the fact is that the danger of being injured during a football

or soccer competition is much much higher - but such photos are not content


There was no age restriction for this public sport event - even children watched it.

My opinion: Since we are all grown-ups and can tolerate some "sensitiveness",

please switch your "Content Filter" to "Off" in your "Management Area".

Photo credits: Jdanne.

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September 19, 2011



September 19, 2011


I suspect that the trigger for something being considered sensitive is in the keywords

September 19, 2011


Interesting blog!!!

September 18, 2011



September 18, 2011


Mine is also "Off". Thanks for telling us Jdanne!

September 18, 2011


You have a point here; my boyfriend for example had the content filter set to "on" and he had no idea about it. We only started noticing something is not right, when I was telling him about images that he could not see. I didn't even changed my content filter option, it was off from the very beginning :)

September 18, 2011


interesting, thanks for the post

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