Continuous improving image quality

Generally spoken with every new generation of (digital) cameras there is an improvement of technical image quality (better colours, less noise and other artifacts etc.):

From my point of view in this context after some time it makes sense to shoot the same motifs again with better gear and upload these new images because our customers want (in most cases, if not all) the best quality. On the other hand the consequence of this is, that our customers will find nearly the same image several times in the data bank what makes it difficult for them to decide what image to take. And: at some point reviewers will refuse new images even if they are much better technically than the existing ones with the words "We have too many similar images already. Please perform a search on the subject before uploading, to see what is already online and where to fill niches."

This raises two questions: what is the concrete number for "too many"? Does it make sense to give a date of expiry for every image (let's say 3 or 5 years after upload date)?

What is YOUR opinion?

Banana leaf

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf

Banana leaf

Bananna leaf

Banana tree leaf,closeup,stricted-composition

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August 30, 2010

Expiration date seems to be not so clear becouse some people might, as before, upload photos taken with older cameras, and their works might still comply with conditions of minimal quality.

Maybe try to add in background silhouette of lizard or frog, you will gain more unique look? :-)


August 29, 2010

Hello Heywoody, I think that the approach you named isn't really practicable because in a data bank of more than 9000000 images EVERY motif is covered more than good...


August 29, 2010

I agree it's valid especially if replacing an older, inferior version. However, a better approach might be to do new stuff that is not so well covered ;-)