Contribute to all Chinese struggling photographers in DT

As I know, more and more Chinese photographers know DT and registered on it. This is a very good platform for photographers all over the world, especially for Chinese photographers. We can share our works, we can improve our photograph tech and open our mind through other works of photographers in the DT from other countries.

Let us make our best effort to shoot a great masterpiece for boost our sell quantity and make photograph as most important part of our life.

Photo credits: Watercattle.

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As a Chinese, I love my motherland deeply and undoubtedly oppose the bias to China and some faulse reportage about Tibet by CNN&BBC Tamas, I agree maybe Chiese don't have so much human right as some western citizens obtain, but all things are getting better, which you and all western can't ignore and deny.
I don't think it's suitable to talk about political issue in DT, especially in such a nonpolitical topic blog.


Dear Tamas,

Glad to see your reply, and glad to exchange opinions with you.
For tibet, it is a very long story. Few hundreds words can not tell all truth. I'd like tell you more about tibet later if you are interested.
Now, one thing I'd like you know is: Many Chinese are very angry on those 'free and fair' media like CNN and BBC, because they were found lying on tibet issue by misusing photos. These media are free but not fair. Yes, china government should not stop reporters go into tibet, but media should not create news when no news, it's immoral.
Some Chinese is building a website to show how these media lie. Have a look if interested: (wish you can read Chinese)
Frankly, I'm not going to, recently at least, upload photos about china's bad things, because I'm afraid that someone will misuse these photos out of ignorance or prejudice.

BTW, I visited your website. You have many wonderful paintings and photos, I like them.



Dear Miao,Lingong and Watercattle,

Thanks for the reply. It's good to know things are not that bad in china and better to know from the people of china.

By free internet access i mean just the way it goes like in europe and the US. Ofcourse you can enter the internet, but can you write, communicate everything you like to, just like the most countries in the world. It's not a secret over here in europe, that many sites on the internet are not allowed to be opened by chinese people.

It's great to hear different reactions from people from China, and still i'am upset about China's crackdown in Tibet.

Thanks again Miao,Lingong and watercattle for your thoughts about this issue. I hope you'll let us see the many faces of china! Its a beautiful country with beautiful people!



To Tamas:

I was traveling at tibet this time last year, I'm sorry it wasn't this year, or else I can show you photos about the 'sad story'.

What you said about internet is doubtful. I'm Chinese living in Beijing. I work in IT field using internet everyday. I spend few weeks travel to other province and/or country every year. During traveling, I can access to internet wherever by using CDMA or free (no charge) web connection offered by hotel. I can open almost all, a pity not all, websites I want. I don't know the real reason why some webpages can't be opened, maybe for connection issue, maybe for government control as you said. Restriction is existing indeed, but not so serious as you said. I don't belive the government have so many power and resource to 'observe all'.
However, it's stupid for the government to cover bad things, they should believe that Chinese is able to discern black or white.


It is really like this. Agree!


Now in China, almost everybody in city can access to the internet and charge fee is low. Nowadays, the global emphasize the 2008 China olympic games. I believe China will hold a very successful olympic games in the olympic games history.


Lets talk about nice photographs of china. do not mention the human rights in china. It's a shame what's happening in Tibet and by the way, the chinese people do not have free access to the internet. It's all observed by the government. indeed, i feel sorry " Chinese struggling photographers in DT" . The only thing we will see of china are the fine nice colorful pagodas. lets close our eyes and support the olympic games. Sad story but worth to express in photographs, i invite you!



You have some really great images in your portfolio. Thanks for sharing your views and your photography. Good luck and much success!


Yes, me too.


Most Chinese photographers come from, right? is the most important Chinese photographer bbs.

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