Contributors stealing ideas from another contributors

Silver and red valentines

Silver and red valentines

Love vector background

These images were made by me. They are not the greatest ideas, and they are not the most beautiful designs, but still, I’m proud of them just because they were my own ideas.

A few days ago I was shocked, when searching for them in another agency, I found these same images having been copied and sold by another contributor. Placing my originals next to the fake ones, it is obvious that they were made by a different person, but the images are the same. I decided to post a thread at the forum of that agency, and found out that some people also felt frustrated about this kind of cheating, but some others weren’t bothered by this. My feeling was that these people were supporting the cheaters instead of supporting their own pears, so I wondered, shouldn’t we try to stop this kind of people instead of letting them use our imagination, and the time we spend making our new designs on their own benefit? Is it acceptable to reproduce an image and put it into the market, or shouldn’t this be allowed?

I’m interested in listening to different opinions, because I have a strong feeling about this, but I also understand that I might be mistaken or might be too harsh, so it’s good to know what other people think.

Photo credits: , Carina D Rubinstein.
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sometimes we can be inspired by others designs, but out and out copying is not acceptable at any time. i really try not to look at anyone else's portfolios. i don't want a design getting stuck in there i try to recreate.
i don't do vectors so its not something i could do anyway


Just to make clear, this didn't happen in DT. I searched for this images in this site and didn't find them, so either this person is not a contributor in this site, or the images were rejected.
And great you liked my ideas. We'll talk later about my comission for your sales :)))


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. However, I suspect that originals, created by an experienced photographer, will outsell the work of a hack. Still, it stinks that you might lose sales because someone is pinching your idea. DT gives us all an opportunity to sale our work. Beginners and professionals rub elbows (virtually) on this great website. The cost of this openness is that occasionally ideas will be stolen-- especially when you have a hot image. The other way of looking at it is that you’re helping to inspire a fellow DT’er. Creativity is a gift that needs to be developed, and imitation is probably the ‘baby steps’ of developing creativity. In the end, no one can take away your originality.

One last thought, your lost sales (and those of other photographers on this site) can only be achieved if beginners go out and buy camera gear to reproduce your work. We’ve seen a huge advancement over the last few years in digital cameras and editing software. In a way, you’re making a small investment in the future innovations that will fuel your continued creativity.

I think your work is great, and thanks for the idea (just kidding).


This kind of problems should be always solved by the agencies them selves! I've seen many similarity even here in dreamstime!
I can't tell who uploaded first, but I think the editores should do & refuse these kind of "coppied ideas".


I think that stealing other contributors ideas is not OK. When you do not have your own ideas then selling images is not for you. When copying exactly or too similarly other persons work it is the same as stealing.


I think that ideas stealing it's normal in the artistic market.
Many battles were done and are going on nowaday on this fact, but seems that there's not a real solution.
I hate when someone else steals my ideas, but I never found a real solution anyway.