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I have seen many DT newcomers with questions and seeking advice. Not to say that I am the best person to bring up this topic, with my 51% acceptance ratio, but DT allows you to resubmit a photo after being rejected for a reason. There are multiple DT reviewers and they definitely are there to help you build your portfolio and succeed.

The attach picture was previously rejected. Instead of taking it to heart I resubmitted it. Now with 18 downloads and $60 income, though it is not much of a photo, just wood panels, it is my "glowing" accomplishment, and a reminder not to give up.

I know this is a controversial and somewhat frown upon subject but, the one difficult thing with DT rejections is if you have "too many" of the same subject. Pretty much it seems like you can only upload ONE picture of that subject, the "regulations" with this now seems a bit more strict. I just recently uploaded for review three of the same pics, one was chosen and the two others were rejected for the "too many of the same subject".

I believe,however, that if you actually find a niche where the "picture bank" is low, you should be allowed to saturate that market with your pics. For example, Bed Bugs are a huge problem throughout the world. I was lucky enough to have a microscope that could take pictures, and a nice collection of live bed bugs. DT was limited (like 1 page worth) with Bed Bug pictures. So, I obviously wanted to take advantage. I wanted to take pictures of all life stages, on white backgrounds, on pillows, on blankets, everything that would sell sell sell! but, I got rejected due to "too many of the same subject".

I read a blog once, too, that a client needed pictures of making a sandwich. Another needed for multiple images of the same subject. The photographer wrote a blog to say his pictures of the step-by-step guide got rejected for that same "too many" of the same subject.

I wonder, while filling out the info for a resubmission, if you can write to the reviewer that you believe the database for this subject is low and it would be helpful to add more pictures of this subject. I'm going to keep trying, take DT reviewers advice, and resubmit!

Photo credits: MorganOliver.

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August 05, 2012


I have resubmited some images with more information and have had good luck.

August 02, 2012


I had the same issues with my collection of "Coat of arms"
I tried to submit them one by one but more of the time they are rejected for the "too many..." Then when I compared my collection with other "flags" contributor, I found one who used the computer generated flag with only the texture of the flag changed (more that hundred...) I was a little bit disappointed at that time.
It seems that the trend/advises from editor is going to a sort of "collage" picture of the same topic. I tried it and it seems to sell well as well.

August 02, 2012


That's interesting, DT reviewers usually listen so I think it does not hurt to send them an occasional polite email when the photos are rejected.

Each photo should be taken case by case, if a photo has some issues that an be fixed then it can be worth resubmitting it although sometimes it's a lost case and that's fair enough. In some cases where I disagreed for the reasons stated for the rejection my photo got approved after I sent an email and stated my case (few cases but still worth trying occasionally).

Sometimes it's better not to argue and simply resubmit it again at a later stage if you think it has potential and is rejected for lack thereof - going through a different reviewer might give a different result.

Finally for non exclusive contributors it's probably better to submit variations to other sites that have a different policy on similar images, in order not to damage the approval ratio at DT - as I think the approval ration influences the image placement in the search engine.

August 01, 2012


thanks God that you resubmitted!! ;-))

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