I kept reading about the benefits of shooting in RAW format, so I tried.

I'm still confused, learning new software, having to change my work flow; everything takes and awful lot more time to do, in fact it's a real pain... but I'm converted. The definition on the photos is so much better, it's definitely worth it.

My new milestone for today is having had my first RAW shot approved. Just on time to put the shoes back under the Christmas tree.

Photo credits: Rozenn Leard.

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December 23, 2009


RAW has many benefits, image quality being the most important. As far as uploading RAW, I have done so on some of my images just to test how sales potential is in this format, no RAW sales as yet but sure in time there will be some sales. I do not upload every image in RAW as bandwidth is not cheap in my part of the world so the additional "cost" does not make it feasible on all images. This is probably the case with most users that advertise that the image is available in RAW format on request, it just makes sense to only upload this image in additional format if it is requested, therefore knowing you can make some money back on the upload and costs.

December 23, 2009


Congratulations for the first approved RAW shot.

December 23, 2009


It's very important shooting in RAW.It is best to protect the quality of the image!

December 22, 2009


In fact I'm interesting in hearing from those of you who already shoot in RAW.
Do you systematically upload the RAW image on DT? I read on quite a few portfolio main pages that the RAW image is available for buyers who request it.
Is that to save on the bandwidth or is it that most buyers just want the finished Jpeg product?

December 22, 2009


Cool! Good luck & happy season ;)

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