Converting my garage to a photo studio.

After months of trying to come up with a solution to my lack of studio space I have come up with an idea...drum roll please...I am converting my garage into my new office/photo studio!

My current office/studio is a little over 10x10' and my wife also has a desk and computer set up in there, needless to say its a little cramped. You try adding a model or two and it starts getting silly. I can waste half a day just taking out enough junk out of my office and setting up to take photos.

I know a big home studio is a luxury, but just think of how much easier it will be to do a shoot when everything is already set up and good to go. Our garage is also much bigger than we need (500+ sqft). This remodel adds a lot of squarfootage to our small house which is around 1,100sqft.

Check out my blog to see photos of the progress so far.

Photo credits: Travis Manley.

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That's awesome! I hope it turns out well.

I too have a very small house with tiny little poorly lit rooms. But, I have no garage to convert so I must shoot outdoors if something/someone does not fit in my light tent. Now if I only had a beautiful garden it wouldn't be so bad.

Good luck on your project!


Good luck with the new studio. Looking forward to seeing some pics from it!


Hi Travis, as for me... it's from a lot that i use my garage as a studio!
Locations in Italy are very expensive, and I solved the problem using my box as a photo studio: I can't leave it ready to use, but I can prepare it in a hurry when I need it! :-)
I think this is a good solution for everyone that wants a studio facility without paying so much.


A great idea! Good luck with the remodel, looking forward to seeing the images created in your new studio.


BEAUTIFUL baby! Good luck with your renovations.

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