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Coolest Iceland photo ops along Ring Road

The main highway that travels around Iceland provides the ultimate, unforgettable photo road trip. Route 1, or Ring Road, in Iceland is an over 800 mile loop around the island with ever changing landscapes and photo ops around every bend.

Iceland ring road

We explored just the stretch of Ring Road along the southern coast with views of Volcanoes, lava rock fields, black beaches with tall basalt columns, glaciers, blue icebergs and waterfalls everywhere.

Our first stop was Seljalandsfoss waterfall. These impressive falls can be seen from the road. Be sure to pack rain gear to climb the rock stairs to the cave behind the falls.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall Iceland

Another amazing waterfall just off Ring road that consistently produces a rainbow is Skogafoss waterfall.

Rainbow at Skogafoss waterfall Iceland

Near the town of Vik is a stunning black sand beach that contrasts with the white surf with a large volcanic rock formation named Reynishverfi, which juts up from the ocean.

Black Beach Vik

The Reynisfjara black beach has the remarkable natural wonder of massive hexagonal basalt rocks and cave.

Basalt Rock column cave Iceland

Also in this area is Dyrholaey, a natural arch formed in the cliffs. There is a higher view of the black beaches from this area and in the summer time puffins can be found in the cliffs here.

Dyrholaey natural arch south coast Iceland

Back to traveling down Ring road leads past cute Icelandic houses in the hills and through amazing lava fields that have a other worldly movie set quality. I could say that it reminds one of a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Iceland houses

Iceland Lava field

Driving through the glacial flood plain is a view of part of the massive Vatnajokull glacier across the Skeidararsandur desert. If you were so inclined you can hike this massive frozen body of water, but even from a distance the sheer size of the ice formation is impressive.

Skaftafell Glacier Icleand

As we reached the far Southeastern part of this beautiful country we came across what we found to be the highlight of our trip and the most spectacular display of mother nature that is worth the long drive. Jokulsarlon, glacier lagoon is a peaceful, serene and majestic location where large and small chunks of broken off pieces of glaciers float along quietly through the lagoon on their way out to sea. The vibrant pure blue ice is a wonder to behold and with the backdrop of the mountains and glacier in the background you will want to take your time and capture images that you will not be able to witness anywhere else.

Glacier lagoon

Prepare yourself for one amazing sight after another as you make your way around this majestic island. These stops are just the tip of the literal iceberg!

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Photo credits: Mary Katherine Wynn.

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May 23, 2018


Thank you all for the kind comments! I hope you all get an opportunity to visit and share your photos :)

May 23, 2018


Great images! Congratulations!

May 23, 2018


Wowww your photos are really awesome! I really hope to do a trip around Iceland soon :)

May 15, 2018


Wow, your images are amazing... Thanks for sharing.

May 15, 2018


Cool photos! I want to get there:)

May 11, 2018


What a beautiful country. It's been on my list forever!

May 08, 2018


Great images and a great place :-)

May 07, 2018


Thank you :)

May 07, 2018


Great blog and great pics..looks fantastic!

April 30, 2018


That first picture itself says everything..... photo ops around every bend.

April 29, 2018


Wonderful story and photos. I'll have to put Iceland on my list of travel destinations. 😊

April 29, 2018


Great pictures! Makes me want to visit Iceland even more :)

April 28, 2018


Those Icelandic houses in the hills with vast open spaces look beautiful.

April 26, 2018


Thank you Larry :)

April 26, 2018


You would make a wonderful travel agent.

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