Copy my keywords. I don't mind.

Dear Guys and Girls ;)

The trend of the year - photographers angry at someone copied their keywords. What a tragedy!!! What I'd like to ask these photographers about is: you make a lot of pictures and spend the hell of efforts and time on keywording. From where do you get extra time and energy to hang about sites and watch who stole your keywords? Don't you regret this time? Don't you think it's wasted? Can't you find a better way to use it? Or is it just another way to attract people to your pictures during seasonal fall in sales? If so, better say honestly - my pictures are not bought. May be you come and have a look at them? ;) Your pictures should talk for thamselves. Keywords are secondary. If your picture is better than others with the same keywords or matching more the buyer's needs is will be chosen in any case. If not, sorry....

Now to everyone who copies keywords for any reason (lack of idea which words should be included, or lack of the knowledge of English) - copy them from me. They may be not so perfect as the ones of photographers who spend hours to collect them (because I spend on this a minute maximum), but I don't mind. Keywords are not copirighted. You can also copy some of my ideas if you find them interesting. I know you'll do it in any case if you wish, so what's the use shouting? I'll be even flattered. Because I don't consider each of my works a masterpiece. I'm still developing ;) Ideas are not copirighted, too. Because the idea is nothing without execution. If you perform any of my ideas better than me, drop me a link, please, I'll probably later try to copy your technique ;))

As we say in Russia - be simpler and people will come to you.

Good luck to everyone.

Photo credits: Julia161.


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February 02, 2010


I just stared my stock photography at this year,and haven't thought about copy other one's keywords,I write all specific words by heat,and always try to use right words to describle my pic.I think I should try to photo the best image,when someday I can,I could study how to fill keywords better to make our pictures sell better.

January 31, 2010


I think it is, but some already forgot it ;)

January 30, 2010


When I first started a stock photography and submitting the pictures, I was looking in the stock gallery for the images with similar content. I copied the words and then added my own specific to the picture. Well, I needed to find my way to get with the stock industry familiar plus English is not mother tongue. I am even sure that most of newbies doing that, because they learn. But now, I know all these specific words by heart, that are necessary to describe my subject then I am adding the words that are unique and only mine. I think this is logical? Is it not the way everybody going through?

January 26, 2010



I agree, let the best image win …

But — where I think we differ, and you are mistaken, is that image keywords are the primary resource for image selection, vs what the image looks like at first glance, [based on the tiny preview that is offered by most RF sites].

Remember that many, if not most images sales [and even more specifically from these types of micro stock suppliers] are on the basis of what that little preview looks like … in relation to all the hoards of others that populate the search results.
That is unless you have something that is really unique, and have unique keywords that apply, but then who's looking for that anyway [well at a micro stock site for that matter].

My point — why should the other person's images be in contest with mine, when the primary resource for gathering up the choices was stolen from another contributor [me/you/whoever but not the photographer that will get the royalties] …

Consider this one on for size — If "the loZer" had not copied my [you/whoever] keywords & had attempted to thumbsuck their own, there is a good likelihood that my [you/whoever] image may not even be competing against theirs "aka the loZer", for final selection …

Food for thought, I'm sure that once you have properly appreciated that when someone else is making some cash off the work that you put in to try and generate attention to your specific images, you will no longer be as carefree about saying … "please go ahead and steal the thunder & lightning from my storm" as then your "storm" is just an average normal uneventful day, that goes — well unnoticed.

January 24, 2010


Great note, Julya! We all have our ideas and are trying to keep them close to our chests, but, in the end of all, while we gain some experience (if we are really trying) we don't need to copy either ideas or styles. I still think it's make sense to see what others doing - as a guide, source of learning, refreshment etc. But in the end - you're only promoting original work if you can't do much better then original.

January 22, 2010


There is always two sides to a coin.
Copying keywords , like copying someone's idea , can come back to bite you in the rear end.
Consider this. The same keywords are going to pull out that image you copy from. Buyers are not some silly dude with no brainers. They will still look for quality, and uniqueness and style of the photographer or artist.
We all know what happens when we got a million and one copycats that flooded the sites with clones of one famous top seller in micro . I don't need to mention his name.
The way I see it, you can fool someone with copying everyone here,
but eventually, you will actually be drawing the buyers attention to the "genius" you plagiarized from.
In other words, you shoot yourself in the foot, to quote my good friend Mani.

January 18, 2010


You are so right! Words are simply existing... So yeah my keywords are available also for everyone to be inspired by them or simple copy.

And yeah I thank those who know English better than me and sometimes been my inspiration...

As non native speaker, I know how hard it can be sometimes... here and there you can even learn few new words and add those to your English vocabulary. :-)

Thank you for such unselfish topic. I just love the positive and altruistic attitude.

January 11, 2010


simplicity is the keyword! simply describe the image

January 10, 2010


Hi, I agree with you but another thing one can do is to use the keywording tool from Yuri Arcurs at:
Then you will be able to set your own words quite quickly without copy directly from others.

January 08, 2010


Yep! I totally agree with you Iulia…copying key words! How do you do that…Words just exist as a way to describe a object or something else. Find hard and comical, that someone is looking if someone as been copying “your” key words. Any way there are programs for key wording, dictionaries and Internet! Cheers!

January 08, 2010


Add your name as a keyword.. I don't think this is suitable.

January 08, 2010


Well there is no point in arguing, I have read the other blog, but what he is saying is not about copying, may be you missed what he is trying to explain. keywords are not copyrighted everyone is aware. there have been lots of debate on this issue. but the guy who copies atleast should have brains not to use username of other contributors. common sense.

January 08, 2010


I agree! ;)

January 08, 2010


It doesn't take any time - just add your name to the keywords and then search on it a few months later...

January 08, 2010


This issue has appeared a few times recently. I was also astounded by photographers being upset that their keywords have been copied. Getting images online is time consuming enough, I have no idea how they have the time to discover that their keywords have been copied and so what if they have. If their image is better, then they have nothing to worry about. For my photos I have pretty much memorised all the keywords I need, or I copy from my own photos online and make additions or subtractions. On the odd occasion, I have a photo on which the subject I don't know much about and I will look at other similar photos online and pick out words which I hadn't thought of. I wouldn't do a direct copy though as for sure I wouldn't agree with all the keywords that the photographer has chosen. Keywording is a skill, to which I have not perfected yet, I'm only concerned with my own images and if anyone wants to take my keywords, be my guest. Anyway, whose to say that I am not making as many sales as I could, because I have inadequate or an abundance of keywords and therefore the person copying them will also have the same. It might not necessarily be an advantage to copy keywords, plus there are plenty of keywords tools which are available now, which will probably be more accurate.

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