Corel Draw Tutorial: Disco Ball

Hello everyone,

In this second tutorial i'll show everyone how to create disco ball in corel draw. It is also posible to create it in adobe illustrator, but this time i will show cored draw version of this illustration, because i think that some illustrators or those who try to be just love corel draw. This is quite simple tutorial. After you finish it please show me your result in the comments section. Feel free to upload it to dreamstime to earn some money (but please make it unique and different from other versions!)

Corel Draw Tutorial: Disco Ball

© Rceeh

Photo credits: Rceeh.

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November 25, 2010


Thanks for sharing!

November 25, 2010


That`s a wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing it! I thing I`m gonna give it a try, but I don`t know if my old computer is gonna resist to so many small squares :)
Thank you again!

November 25, 2010


Thanks for sharing.

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