Coronavirus - how to make informative and easy to understand public interest announcements

Coronavirus model

In the context of the most discussed subject of the moment - Coronavirus - we thought of sharing a few ideas on how to communicate such an important message so that everybody can follow easily and apply the instructions correctly.

News about Coronavirus (COVID-19) becomes overwhelming. Posters, brochures, and flyers full of information on what to do, how to do and so on, making all hard to follow.

It’s a lot easier to transform information into illustrations, infographics and - why not - comics.

Make it accessible to everyone, including children and teenagers. In such cases, they are the most important audience to reach.

Make the instructions as easy as 1-2-3. Whether we’re talking about print advertising or web advertising, it’s important to choose the right backgrounds, colors, fonts. In both cases, illustrations do much of the work and they’re also attention-grabbing.

Individual illustrations

Start with the basics. For example, what a medical mask looks like. Closeups work in such cases. Use illustrations of isolated objects on a background of contrast color so that the main subject stands out.

Medical white mask

Illustrate an example of how to properly apply the mask. The coloured part of the mask should be on the outside, the nose and mouth must be completely covered and the mask should be well secured against your face with the metallic part. Make it as clear as possible focusing on each of the steps people should take when putting on a mask: identifying which part is on the outside, preforming the metal part to fit your face, securing it as well as possible over the mouth and nose and behind the ears. It would be worth mentioning that a common surgical mask can be worn between 4-6 hours (REMOVE after) continuously after which time it should be replaced as it will become moist.

Human wearing a medical mask

Adding text to an illustration may be a good idea. Remember that the illustration should be as clear as possible and that the text should only be an added help and not an explanation of what you're trying to convey through your image. The image itself must have a strong impact on its own, such as a child wearing a mask, or an entire family wearing masks and being supportive of each other. Whatever text you add to the image, it should deliver the message loud and clear, but not take away from the actual illustration.

Deadly Virus Warning Template. Empty place for information. Black silhouette of man in white medical mask. Bacteria, viruses fly

Continue with the rest of the basics:

1. How the disease starts spreading - you are a bit under the weather, you suspect you might have caught something but choose to continue with your daily errands and your job. You start sneezing and coughing, but do it in your hand. Everyone should be safe, right? Wrong! Now, even if you do wipe your hand on normal tissue, you will start spreading the disease to everyone who shakes hands with you and everyone who touches things you touched. Once you are infected you must use the mask to safeguard the others, but what's most important is to stay home and quarantine yourself.

Boy to cough

2. Protect yourself from infection: avoid crowded places as much as possible and keep your distance from people who you think might be infected. Wear a mask, it might not be 100% effective but will protect you from droplets coming from infected people. If you must touch doorknobs, lift buttons, escalator rails make sure you disinfect or wash your hands thoroughly as soon as possible. Supermarkets can be breeding grounds for the virus as many people will be there at the same time with you and many people will touch the same items over and over again. Don't underestimate cash either, bacteria and viruses linger on banknotes a lot more than on other surfaces. You know what they say, money is dirty.

Confusing crowd people wearing mask for protection from virus

Human holds on handrail in public transport.

3. Washing your hands the right way. We are all tempted at times to rinse our hands under lukewarm water and consider it effective. Not in this case. Washing of hands must be done with warm water and soap and be an operation that lasts at least 20 seconds. Make sure you clean well between your fingers and under your fingernails where bacteria and viruses can linger. Your illustrations should convey the necessity and time that needs to be employed by people when washing their hands. Hand sanitizers are effective when washing hand is not available and this should be visually enforced in your artworks.

How to wash hand with soap instruction


They are still very popular. Make a step by step guide of the Coronavirus prevention for everyone to follow easily and fast.

Coronavirus prevention. Infographics elements 2019-nCoV human. health and medical. Novel Coronavirus 2019. Pneumonia


As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, children and teenagers are the most important audience, and we need to retain their attention in the way vloggers and youtube slime tutorials do. So how do we do it?

Why not use comics like in airline safety information comics? They’re coloured, use less text and they can be fun if you know what images to choose.

Set of blank template in Pop Art style. Vector Comic Text Speech Bubble Halftone Dot Background. Empty Cloud of Comics book dialog

Hard to retain teenagers’ attention?

Comics love story

Why don’t you use something like this followed by “Maybe you should take a break for a while.”

It's not you, it's Coronavirus, honey.


All of us watch Youtube clips and tutorials on just about any subject out there.

Include videos with coronavirus in the informative campaigns to make things crystal clear.

Check this one here also.

Use video to also reinforce the message you want to send. See this video of a mother with a mask on her face protecting her child.

Fake news

Golden rule: avoid suspicious sites who deliberately misinform or deceive readers. There are lots of fake news sites out there.

The information you're about to use in your design must be taken from credible sources.

It’s mandatory to deliver a message that is correct and complete.

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March 28, 2020


Thank you very much for sending is information 

March 27, 2020


Really enjoyed the usage of pictures, as well as the content matter in this article - good job on that! The Coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has spread to nearly every country on the planet, and a sense of dread has engulfed the soul of every living being alive, and governments are running like headless chickens. It is times like these when guidelines like these go a long way to ensure a sense of public awareness. Looking forward to see more of these in the future.~Sanjeev Nanda

March 23, 2020


Once again a highly informative article will I will The last man on Earth

March 22, 2020


Having been taught virology and infectious diseases by the late Dr. Graeme Laver, and involved in large-scale public health crisis preparedness for nearly 20 years, the "surgical masks" depicted in this article are not at all the respirator mask you use when attending to someone with Covid 19 or some other highly contagious virus. What you WILL be wearing is an N95 rated - or higher - NIOSH approved respirator mask, which, incidentally, requires training for proper fit, and is only good for maybe 4 hours at most then must be properly disposed of in a designated bio-hazard receptical. Surgical masks provide no protection against Covid 19 or any other human transmissible virus. Now, when we start dealing with level 4 bio-containment pathogens, you won't be wearing a mask at all; you'll be inside a fully contained bio-hazard suit.

March 19, 2020


The novel coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has clipped the world by its ankles. Let me tell you a story about my friend, Sanjeev Nanda. He was traveling back from Italy in February. He was informed on his way back, about the burgeoning pandemic by us, through the various means of communication at our disposal - such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Gmail. Because the coronavirus outbreak hadn't reached to a full-blown pandemic status then,he was least worried about being infected. Soon, as bodies started dropping left and right, as well as reports of a creeping lethal infection spreading across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas, Sanjeev Nanada was forced to reconsider. On his way back, his Air France flight was apparently boarded by some really lethal actors - coughing Italian nationals. Sanjeev Nanda was understandably bewildered. He requested the flight crew, and subsequently the cockpit crew about the situation - they were reluctant at first. However, Sanjeev Nanda was never one, to hear "No", for an answer. He grabbed the copies of various publications from the magazine trolley, such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, etc. which sounded alarms of the newly emerging epidemic throughout the world. The pilots were concerned now, and then grounded the aircraft, called the medical experts, and had each and everyone tested.The coughing nationals, as well as 12 others, were tested positive for Covid-19.My friend Sanjeev Nanda was able to save the lives of all those individuals on-board, as well as the countless others, who would've been otherwise been infected on landing.

March 18, 2020


Very well written and illustrated; well done! Thanks!

March 09, 2020


Thanks for the useful information.

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Thank you for sharing these awareness tips!

March 06, 2020


I'm teaching a Bible Study class Sunday morning and the topic is Coronavirus! Seems that topic is everywhere, so your post is excellent timing and resource. Thanks! William 

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It is very informative reading and hopefully it might appease the situation for some People. Thank you vor your interesting article.

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Fantastic article!  So current and applies to how imagery helps to bring home the message.  

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