The Cotton World

Cotton Plantation and Field

Two weeks back I have got a chance to visit some areas of Nimar Region of Madhya Pradesh, India which have cotton producing fields.

Cotton Plant and Flower

Cotton Boll and Plant

At that time crop of cotton was ready to harvest and I have captured three stages flower, boll and jin of Cotton Crop.

Cotton Plant and Field

Photo credits: Shariqkhan.

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January 14, 2015


Thanks for appreciation. Generally cotton bolls picked in the months of December and January. In Madhya Pradesh farmers picked the cotton bolls by hand in various cycles and kept in bags which are tied on back and then transferred into bigger bags(Just like Tea Leaves picked from tea plants) , to avoid it flying into air. I have no idea of bigger level machine harvest system( if exist or not). I will definetly go again in the fields to caputre the final harvest and share the images here.

January 13, 2015


That's amazing. When does the cotton get picked? I bet you could get some beautiful (but heart-breaking) photos...

January 12, 2015


Wow, I couldn’t even imagine that cotton-plant flowering is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
From now on, putting cotton pullovers on I’ve thought about how cotton blossom is delicate.

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