They couldn't print it if it weren't true.

When only the local town printer had any means of putting words in formal print it may have been true that if it was printed it must have been true. The reputation of the printer or paper was at stake.

Today anybody that can push a key on a keyboard can wright whatever they please.

This is o.k. it gives us several views on a particular subject.

But the reader must be aware that it may not be any where close to the truth.

When I first got into stock photos I of course wanted to know as much as possible about what I was getting into so I read many different forums about the subject. WOW..... now that's where you will read anything and everything.

Granted, you will find some very usfull tips on stock photos but you will also find a whole lot of gossip, predictions and out right lies.

In one paragraph you'll read how Dreamstime is headed right to the top of the stock world and you'll get all excited that your a part of it.

In the next one you'll read how it's going down the tubes and will be closed next week.

So the whole point of this is to make sure you research and verify what you read. It ain't all true.

Believe me the only thing you can bank on is that Dreamstime does not accept any photo's of flowers or sunsets. And if one ever got through the process it would never sell.

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Photo credits: Dave Willman.