Couple First Milestones achived!!

Hello Dreamstime!

First milestone:

My first 50 pictures accepted on Dreamstime. Its feels so cool!

Orange Tabby Cat

thats my 50s accepted picture.

And more pictures coming soon..

Second milestone:

In our family 2 weeks ago was born my New Model.. girl.. :) I became a dady! Yeahaaa! :)

According to folk traditios, its not recomended to show your baby to strangers for a while...

Anybody wants to talk about that tradition? For example in our family relatives think that first 40 days very important for newborn baby..

What interesting traditions You have in your families, nations??

Looking forward to hearing from you, world.. :)

Photo credits: Valentin Tertotsnoi.

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September 18, 2015



September 09, 2015


Yes, in Russia, too, there is a tradition. Only you can not show the child till christening, and even impossible to photograph a sleeping child..
nice cat)) congratulations with your 50 images!

September 08, 2015


First of all congratulations dady and best wishes for more sales

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