Crazy (stock) world

Today going through web I have found a company located in my country selling (better to say reselling) Dreamstime photos and pictures including pictures of exclusive DT contributors, obviously in an agreement and cooperation with DT. What is interesting is the price for these pictures which is considerable higher than DT prices (of course the price is in our national currency, but it is much higher even if recalculated in $). This made me thinking how much the company earns reselling our photos and if there is an another company reselling pictures of this company and how many of such companies who earn their's living from our photos is outside there at all.... To me it is strange how this all stock world works... moreover if you consider our contributor's revenue at the start of the stock industry.

Sweet cake hunger

Photo credits: Meryll.
  • Meryll
To me looking at the world through a photo camera is a beautiful must. By taking pictures it's possible to take a look onto photographer's object, but I believe, into photographer's own soul too.

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January 27, 2011

Egomezta, you are right, it happens to many other products but... to me that is just ridiculous how advanced world (not only stock) works. Regarding stock world, we contributors know how much DT earns from our pictures but we do not know at all how much more earns other companies as described in my block and for nothing - they do not add any value to our pictures


January 26, 2011

dirty thieves


January 26, 2011

This cake looks perfect here ;)


January 26, 2011

The same happens to many other products, for example agriculture or farm products, how much more expensive is the milk from what is paid to the farmer versus what is charged on the supermarket.


January 26, 2011

yeah,it's crazy.
But now I am crazy.I just have ten file reject.