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© Mani33

Hello everyone, just thought of sharing this with you...

Normally we visit sites everyday and of course we are expecting an update, other wise we will not visit it frequently and maybe by time we will stop visiting it!

That goes also on your collections as well!

If you keep your collection updated every now and then! You can maintain a good number of visits, which might lead to a DL from your portfolio or your fellow photographers!

I have created a collection with the name Best Of... were I keep what I personally like from somebody's portfolio!

So I it's easy to update...! I have noticed many photos were added with level one and now has passed to level two...

The collection has been created on the 18 of July 2009 and now has 565 visits! Isn't this good!

Consider your collection and portfolio like a webpage inside DREAMSTIME.COM and keep them updated, only like this you can keep them alive...

As for my collection, now I want to invert the situation, post me the number of the photo you most like from your portfolio so I can add it there! - Maximum two! I know you like them all :))

Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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Thanks Stephanie for your kind words! Added your photos & they really look nice! Regarding the Lamborghini I had to shoot with a tissue on my mouth during the exhibition! :P :)))


Hello! I like your work as well--especially the Lamborghini photo (I drooled a bit over that car) :) Would you please consider adding 19459938 and 24526029 from my portfolio? Thank you!


Thanks for your contributing Susan! Added to the collection! Thanks for liking my work as well! :)


I have 2 favorites.. and my bf thinks one is so funny.. its jugs over a steam of maple syrup.. I like the light and the window but no sales! here are my 2 favorite,. i like your work! 23352159


Hey Claudio! Glad to hear that you made it! I wish I could quit smoking also! Sure I will keep in touch... Your great photos are there now ;)


Hello Mani! 11 days ago I quit smoking, so my favorite is the 4851395 and 4720152. Cheers and send me another mail in Fb!


Done Vanessa Merry Christmas ;)


I have been struggling with understanding how collections can help or how I am included in one, so thanks so much for the insight into it. I would love to be added to yours as well. My favorites are
12102560. Thanks!!


@Dan1 done wish you luck with it ;)

@Wisconsinart I like it really :))


This is a personal favorite, please be so kind as to add it:




I only have 3 online but here's one 9792119. Hope you like it.


great advice too,thanks again!


Done Kovacevicmiro :))
Nice portfolio! Good luck with sales! Cheers ;)


Very nice one Karen... Thanks :)

900 visits & 3 days left before this blog get removed from the hot topics...

Cheers ;)


Hi Mani
What a great idea this is, here is the number of one of my favourites. 9742721. I was just learning to do long exposure so was pretty happy with the outcome. Hope you like it too. Cheers Karen


Keep up the good mood :))


Lol, i had to be drunk asking that silly question;) greetings


Hi Rangpl,
Counting the visits of the collection doesn't have to do with any visit for the individual photo from out of the collection! Cheers ;)


5011021 and 10702038. Thank you very much.


About those visits, are You sure these are count for Collection or maybe only summary from viewed files? If so it means nothing. Have You some link to source about that?
Greetings and thanks for adding!


That was quick!

Thanks for your nice comments.


I like the stuffed mouth of that bird & the colors of your illustration Christian ;)


Hi Maen,
If you like you can add these: 9953006 and 11282425
I only have a few photos and illustrations in my port but I quite like these two.






Great views!! Thanks ;)


Hi Maen,
Great idea. I'll be happy if you add my two pictures: 10429887 and 6736197.


Great photos! Thank you for calling my attention :)


Hello take a look on this 10859114 and 8834296

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