Creating art with open source vector software

Last month I decide it to try new ubuntu 11.10.I was amazed with it's speed and look so I stayed till now.I had some problems to install some softwares,but developers helped me to find my solutions very quickly.I have blender3d,inkscape,gimp,xara lx,etc.I was tired of routined work on my 3d projects,so I surfed on the internet.I wondered what you could do with other softwares,for example vectors.I went to xara lx website,and I saw amazing art works.They inspired me to learn a little about xara lx or xara xtreme for linux.I know there are a lot better tools in xara xtreme windows version,but for now I can't afford it.I want it to give my best with existing tools in xara lx.I know inkscape has more features and I like it too,but xara is faster,particularly when I work with gradients,shadows and transparencies.Even with higher resolution or magnified it works pretty smooth.I'v been just warming up for big things.When I saw on the youtube how you can create amazing alarm clock with xara xtreme,I decide it too,to create my own work in xara lx,even if I lack a lots of tools.I found some sports watches,and choose one photo to create it with my vector software.You could see my work on images below.I tried to create mostly every form,highlights and shadows I could see from photography.The final result is pretty amazing.Beside my sports watch,there are other art works created by me,and you'll see them also on images below this text.It doesn't matter what you are using to create art,it matters if you can create amazing art with your tools.But when you work as professional,you need speed and tools for printing,then adobe package or similar is must have.If you have your own solutions to use opensource vector or bitmap software more widely,you could share your knowledge on this blog if you like.Thanx for your feedbacks,critics and comments.

Photo credits: Nikola Novak.

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November 07, 2011


Thanks for sharing. Your images look great.

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