Creating Eye Catching Images !

Every photographer wants to create eye catching images. What’s the secret behind capturing such images? Well truly speaking I am not expert in this field to say or guide on this issue. But I will definitely like to share something which I learned from my experience.

First of all how one can define about eye catching images? There are many answers to this according to me like a image:

1. Having ability to hold the viewers eye on it at least for few seconds on first look.

2. Which can keep the viewer’s eye to be get focused on the main object.

3.Which can give pleasure to the viewer’s eye.

Sunrise On River Ganges

Landscape & clouds at Bhutan

What I generally do when I see the others beautiful image. I try to think on the point why the image is looking beautiful.

For shooting good looking images following points are important:

1. Composition:It defines how & where we are placing the main subject in the frame. There are many rules for this like the famous rule of third; leading lines etc. the overall summary is that our image should look attractive no matter how old or known subject it is.

2. Lighting: How the light is in our image. How the shadow & highlight are playing role without the image being overexposed as well as underexposed except some different type of artistic image as in High-Key & Low-key. In stock photography most of the time the overall image should be well lit with good exposure.

Palm Trees on golden background

Flights of herons in the sky after sunset

3. Depth of field:What is the main focal point in our image & where the image is in focus. Whether we want all image in focus or part of it.

4. Creativity:How original one can be? Most of the time we get inspired from others images, nothing wrong in it. But in the process the artist generally creates the some creative original images. The viewer stops on the image trying to understand the image.

5. Breaking the rule:Masters break the rule. I will write on it separately my future blog. If you like this one & If I got some potential to work on it.

Apart from all the most important point is the post processing of the image. Again while editing your images for stock photography there is a little scope to play with editing since any major change to levels or hue saturation can introduce the noise in the image.

Coming to the point of composition my favorites are diagonal & leading lines. I am big fan of these two along with rule of third especially in portrait photography. I think the diagonal composition add a dynamic feel in the image while giving the depth to the image. These compositions also try to give the 3D feeling of the object.

When anyone see our image his/her eyes should get focused on the main object of our image. This can be achieved by :

1.Isolated images without any background distraction. This can be achieved by keeping background simple,out of focus or plain.

2.Using leading lines guiding the eye of viewers along a virtual path going towards your main object.

3.Using spot lighting effect on the main object.

4.Using the depth of field for keeping your main object in focus whiles other part of the image out of focus.

5.Using good color combination either complimentary or vice versa.

6.Filling the frame with your main object.

I hope you like this blog which is my first attempt. As I said I am a learner & I tried to just share here my experience. If anybody feels this article useful I will be very happy. Love you all :)

Photo credits: Indianeye.
  • Indianeye
Well my interest started in photography around beginning of 2006. This has become my prime hobby as well as passion. I am seriously enjoying it.
My primary reason for joining stock photography is for improving the skills in photography. Such a huge competition is here along with image reviewing judges who are ready to throw the bad images. I will like to keep good quality images in my portfolio. I hope the users of my images will be happy & they will intimate me about how my images are utilized in their designs & work. Love you all :)

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April 12, 2008

Thank You Maigi & Torie508!


December 01, 2007

Good thoughts. Thank you!


November 28, 2007

Very good tips, thanks. I can't wait to read your next blog!


November 27, 2007

Thank you Ellen for appreciating my first blog. Yes I totally agree with you. Keeping the image simple really affects more.


November 26, 2007

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. I will add one more: for maximum impact at thumbnail size, make the major element very prominent and keep the images graphically simple.