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I recently posted about IR photography. After some searching on the net I found a tutorial that can create the Infrared colour photo effect using Photoshop. But it uses Channel Mixer, which Photoshop Elements 9 does not have.

This technique doesn't produce the same effect that true IR does because apparently Photoshop can't recognise the areas that have different reflections.

Still, if you have Photoshop CS5 this might give you something to use for fun or however you choose. I'm looking for alternative ways or tools since I only have PSE9.

The steps are fairly easy to follow so it shouldn't be a problem to complete the tutorial. If you do could you comment on this article and what you thought of the technique/tool?

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous article, if gave me a few ideas :-D.

Photo credits: Alicia Dearmin.

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April 06, 2012


Just a quick note, I found a patch that brought the hidden functions of PSE9 (PSE10 also available) to the surface. There is a small fee, but so far I'm happy as I now have the use of the Channel Mixer. If you want a look Just read through everything first if you aren't sure, a list of the available functions is on the site.

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