Creating a new image in Inkscape without jagged lines


this is my first blog entry. I want to write about a theme, which could be interesting for the illustrators.

I have used Inkscape, a vector graphic program and it was great: the lines are straight like anything else. After I have created some illustrations with Inkscape, the problem of jagged and facetted lines was solved. Edit: After a usercomment I want to inform about, that the inkscape is not able to correct jagged and facetted lines. You have to create a new image, but these lines are really straight and the most images where accepted.

It took a little time to come along with Inkscape. I never had used a vector based program.

Then I have searched for a solution to convert from svg to jpg. My good old Gimp is the solution. It converts the files very well. You can import the pathes and have some settings in the dialog. But if you have a big size image, then it needs a lot of time of rendering. Be patient, it works!



Photo credits: Martina Ledermann.

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Thank you for the suggestion but the idea you suggest is useless. I tried to use inkscape to correct some illustration to illustrations corrected using inkscape are refused again. Although in those illustrations there weren't jagged/alias/faceted lines (I enlarged the image up to 800% to make sure). I'm not sure Inkscape can help to delete jagged/alias/faceted lines.

Unless it is useless to resubmit the images refused, as I did and it's instead better to wait some time to resubmit in the next few days ... I'll see what to do ...


I never tried that also! But I'm happy with the results of adobe photoshop & illustrator. Thanks anyway ;)

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I have heard about this software many times in DT blogs, I think I need to try that . Thanks for the input.


Thanks for sharing, Martina. I have Inkscape, but I could not find a way to convert it. Thanks to you I know now.

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