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I started a competition on my Professional Facebook site,

The competition was posted as an event which says:

$100 Prize

Create a profile at

Upload your photos

The profile with the most photo sales at 11:59 pm New Years Eve 2014 will win the $100 prize

Dreamstime is a stock photography website that offers your photos to businesses in need of interesting pictures. You can make royalties off your photos.

This offer is only available for new applicants who register through the link above.

This offer is made solely through Da Vinci Photo Studios and is not to be considered a representation for Dreamstime Stock Photography.

There is no fee for creating a profile or uploading your photos.

All photos must meet Dreamstime's upload requirements.

Create a profile, start your gallery and win! Why bother with Instagram when your pictures could earn money for you?

Feel free to share this event

So far, I have five new referrals from this posting. How do you feel about this type of advertising? Do you think it will pay off in the end?

I told every one of my new referrals that I will guide them through the upload process, and mentor them on what Stock Photography is.

I figure, at worst, some of my connections may find an interesting new hobby.


Photo credits: Christopher Saint Germain.

Your article must be written in English

January 18, 2014


I posted an update to this article Here.

January 02, 2014


It's a great idea... Let us know from time to time how you do.

January 02, 2014


I have not been a member long. It will be a learning experience for me as well. The competition is one year long, at which point I will pay $100 *New Year's Eve) to the winner of the competition.

I have been involved in photography for many years and have friends who are professional studio photographers, but have never considered stock photos as a viable option. This is more of an idea to motivate them than anything.


January 02, 2014


How long have you been a member of Dreamstime ? Do you have enough experience to guide newbies ? Very interesting to follow your idea and experience. Have you paid out $100 ? David

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