Creative bursts

In the company I work for, it's a bit of a habit to have small competitions, in particular when it comes to naming a project, internal website or other stuff.

I quite enjoy taking part in them, because I like the short but intense burst of creativity that they imply. I always start from a word or concept, draw a mind map of whatever comes through my mind that is (sometimes very loosely) related to it, and within a few minutes I marvel at catchy acronyms literally jumping up from the page, shooting out from nowhere.

It's a technique that also works when I'm looking for ideas for images, even though I may not always have the time (or the skills) to create the images related to the concepts I come up with!

In any case, it's an exercise that always leaves me fully energized and in a good mood.

In a rather weird twist of events, I won the last three contests I entered, and two of them were this week... Since the prize is almost always a very good bottle of wine, it looks like I'll have to organize a drink with my colleagues pretty soon :-)

Photo credits: Folco Banfi.

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November 04, 2008


I think it's great that your company operates in such a way. It's very much like the challenge we get here with the assignments contests. I guess, even the most creative people need a little boost sometimes to get the ideas flowing. Congratulations on winning the contests.

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