Creative and funny

I was trying to brainstorm recently around some ideas that would convey a humorous or funny visual effect.

The idea of 'head into the cloud' was one of these and I made it with great pleasure and fun. Grabbed the material from my personal archive of 'stock images' (photo that I took and keep for usage in such situations) I started to realize these two conceptual photo montages.

You can see them here below.

Seeing these kind of conceptual ideas, in fact, you can say that I'm more acting and thinking like a designer than a photographer! :-)

My personal blog is updated every week with posts about microstock photography, advices, tips and tricks, and after summer also with some statistics and much more.

Photo credits: Saniphoto.

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You are strong!!!


very nice, very creative!


great original idea, nice illustrations too - good luck with them


They're great! They should do well :0)


Awesome idea! Well executed!


Very interesting:)


:)) Nice!


Love them! :)

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