Creative images must be planned

In my blog I posted an article in two parts, about the process of creating a couple ideas on social networking. Here I want instead to tell you the preliminary procedures I usually apply before getting the idea done.

Basically, if an idea spring to mind, be it during reading, sleeping, a conversation or whatever, what I usually do is a simple search in the agency database and with Picniche, to see if that kind of subject/keyword may be good. Good means that there are few photos/images with that keyword, or that my idea will be something different or improving on what already exist.

So, after this preliminary searches I am usually able to say if that idea is something worth to spend time on, or not. If the answer is yes, then I start to prepare the images I need for my concept. What I want to underline is that there is no 'magic' in creating original images, mostly is just the result of good planning and a mental habit.

How is your creative process? Where do you take ideas from, mostly? Do you believe in creativity as a mental habit or you think is more of a unique 'gift'?

You can see below two results of this kind of creative process from my portfolio, along with some from other talented artist here at Dreamstime.

© Amid

Photo credits: Dmytro Kozlov, Woo Bing Siew, G2studio, Eti Swinford, Saniphoto.

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Nice blog,well written and the images you use to illustrate your blog also inspire,best wishes.


Thanks for choosing my image for your blog! Yes, you are right, it must be planned, but sometimes we need inspiration to produce a creative image.


Wonderful images! I haven't had any of my creative images accepted here, but I'm only really new to photo-shop and computer programs of this sort. Still, it's a lot of fun trying :0) Thanks for sharing!

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