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I often wonder if the whole concept of a Supreme being might simply be simply inspired by our own primal and innate desire to create. While the Great One’s handiwork resulted in the construction of an entire Universe from what was apparently a black and silent void, we humans are constrained to create by mixing, adding, subtracting, blending, and fabricating from those substances that are already available to us here on earth, in the sky above us and from within our own imaginations.

For me, nothing is more gratifying than to find a scene or place in the world that I can capture, then later render on screen or in print, to convey a similar ambience, presence and beauty as what I witnessed originally. To accomplish this, sometimes I feel the need to enhance the original by using, say, Photoshop to bring out a particular mood or ‘look’ that more closely approximates what I felt at the time I took the image.

There are purists who might argue that this is a shameful manipulation of nature through invasive use of technology. I would on the other hand, argue that it is nothing more than an artful interpretation in order to bring others a vision more in line with our own. (I am not referring to images meant for editorial or documentary consumption of course since they are expected to be a true and faithful rendition of events and happenstance. I am, rather, referring to images that might be considered artful or interpretive in any other venue.)

So whether or not you are a religious or spiritual soul, remember that when you are creating your images for sale. .or perhaps even for your own personal pleasure. . that you are simply making full use of, and exhibiting, an inherited trait (instinct or urge if you will) carried forward from your original source. . whatever you claim that to be.

Each of these images closely approximate what I saw in the viewfinder of my camera, but depart to one degree or another from the original resulting capture. Most of the manipulations of the images here involved subtle changing of levels, color balance, and exposure to provide a more appealing and representative image. In some cases filters were used to provide a gradient or texture that was not present originally, but which ultimately helped create the mood I felt when I first saw the scene in front of me.

Photo credits: Lightart.

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May 03, 2008


Very well put. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a very well accepted expression, but when the beholder can create an image that shows that beauty to others, that is an artist. Wether it be, painting, drawing or photography, being able to convey, not only the beauty, but the feeling of a scene is a special gift and the stuff that true artists are made of. Love the "San Franscisco at Sunrise" image.

April 15, 2008


beautiful thinking and images

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