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I am sick of taking photos of things that are isolated on white. I am sick of large flat light. I am sick of uploading mass amounts of dull, lifeless photos, even when they sell. I am simply sick of the rut I am in and I am aching to see and create images that are powerful and unique and use creative light.

As I reviewed my portfolio recently I discovered that only a few of my top selling photos are of items isolated on white. Rather, many of my top selling photos involve using creative light. Here are some examples:

As I think back about these images I have fond memories of the experiences involved in creating these photos. I took these photos when the stress of stock photography and making money didn't exist. In fact, I wasn't trying to make money but was simply trying to create powerful images. Most importantly, I was having fun. None of my isolated on white photos were fun, and none provide me with any good memories.

Since the very definition of photography is "painting with light" I challenge you to look for and capture creative light in the stock photos you take in the next few weeks. I am giving up creating any isolated on white images for a while and I know as I do this that I will be creating unique and sellable images rather than the same old photos.

I look forward to this challenge of creating many new and unique creative light photos in the future and to seeing those that others create as well. Good luck and I hope I see you out shooting!

Photo credits: Lane Erickson.

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March 01, 2013


I totally agree with you. Very nice work

September 20, 2011


I totally agree with your take. I do sometimes felt the pressure of producing typical type of stock photos that sometimes limits my creative ability.
Your article is a timely reminder that at the very least I should enjoy taking those shots I love the most.

May 30, 2011


Thanks for sharing... Great pics.

May 19, 2011


yeah,I can understand the feeling. I "hate" pictures of things isolated in typically photo stock(but I think that's also changing). I agree that the best photos/pictures happen when you are "free" of limitations,following your vocation/interests. You got nice pictures

May 08, 2011


Thanks for your response

May 08, 2011


Thanks Markosloizou for the comments. In the mountain bike photo I was using a fisheye lens. It was the 10.5mm F/2.8 Nikkor. I had a remote release and took the photo of myself with a Nikon D70. I did this shot several years ago. I've got some new mountain bike photos planned and am waiting for good weather to create them.

May 08, 2011


Awesome shots, in the mountain bike photo how did you get that "fish eye" effect?

May 03, 2011


I hope you get much!

May 02, 2011


Beautiful shots. Congrats!! I liked the part of having fun.

May 02, 2011


Beautiful concepts! Congrats for your idea!

May 02, 2011


Thanks to everyone for their comments and feedback. I invite you to show your creative light and images.

May 02, 2011


good luck I agree with you about memories.Great port

May 02, 2011


I like them very much

May 02, 2011


I agree with you. I hate pictures isolated on white (and i haven't got the equipment to do it properly). Photography is supposed to be an art, I don't believe that taking pictures with flat light and white backgrounds is much of an art.
By the way great work

May 02, 2011


I agree with what Ericson says and there is market for these type of pictures too as there is market for isolated objects, and as someone said below, both don't cross the path and are independent of each other.

May 01, 2011


Amazing photos!

May 01, 2011


Smart thinking.............. very sensible plan of action. David.

May 01, 2011


Beautiful images,great job!!!

May 01, 2011


It is a combination of skilful use of right equipment and a keen eye, I guess. So much harder to get it right on some occasions. Nice shots!Regards

May 01, 2011


Great images. Congrats but isolated images are needed in the market also.

May 01, 2011


Well said - and a great set of shots for examples. There is of course a market for objects on white, but they'll never be more interesting than a good shot with great light!

May 01, 2011


The first is not an obstacle for the second... Good luck!

April 30, 2011


I agree with you. Thanks for sharing.

April 30, 2011


beautiful images

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